Public Service Announcement

Staff Members, Potential Customers, and Cogeco Investors Beware.


This warning to the public will remain up until the problem is permanently fixed.

Those Primarily Responsible for the ongoing Atlantic Broadband Security Problem Include:


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Louis Audet Eng., MBA, C.M. - Current President and Chief Executive Officer, Cogeco Inc. and Cogeco Communications Inc.
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  Edward Holleran, Jr. - Previous - Vice President, Industry Relations Atlantic Broadband Inc.  

Richard J. Shea - Current President and CEO Atlantic Broadband Inc.


Update: April 2 2018

We have now added another individual to the list of those responsible for the current security problem that plagues Atlantic Broadband Cable Inc. (Headquartered in Quincy Mass., USA), Mr Louis Audet, the current President and CEO of Cogeco Inc. and Cogeco Communications Inc. (Headquartered in Montreal, Canada). Atlantic Broadband is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cogeco Communications Inc (TSX: CCA).

Mr Audet has been addressed of the serious security problems at Atlantic Broadband Cable Inc. several times, by phone calls, electronic communication/email, discussions with Cogeco senior staff, phone messages, and registered mail, including examples of some of the security problems, and the problem still is not resolved. Proper security procedures should of already been implemented in a case like this, most importantly for the cable consumers (residential and commercial) who are at risk, and secondly to help protect Cogeco investors. Louis Audet of Cogeco Inc. has been explained in our communications to him, that the security problem in their American Cable Division (Atlantic Broadband Inc.) is only growing in size. This problem should of been resolved by Cogeco Inc. and/or Atlantic Broadband Inc. LONG AGO and still isn't. Cogeco has been informed they have purchased a billion dollar company (Atlantic Broadband Cable) that has never been secure since the day they opened their doors for business. Our legal department has also sent evidence of this security problem to Cogeco legal department. In fact we have also been the unwilling recipient of email from Cogeco to the sister cable company (Atlantic Broadband Inc.) as well. Having knowledge of a security problem within the Cogeco family of businesses and doing nothing about it, should be considered a breach of the Cogeco "Code of Ethics" which can be viewed here.

The other two people above, are primarily responsible for creating the security problem at Atlantic Broadband Cable to begin with. They have created a security mess for their entire company. Not only are they responsible for the breaches of security for their residential, commercial customers, and also anyone who communicates by email to or from them, but also their very own employees and legal department. Those consumers (commercial and residential), & employees at risk are located in the following regions: Florida, Maryland, Delaware, South Carolina and Central Pennsylvania. Our legal department has sent their legal department several notices outlining SERIOUS security problems. Those security problems consisted of breaches in their office sending us personal information, personal emails of their registered customers both commercial and residential, and also including government agencies, financial institutions, and more. They have ignored evidence sent to them and have not fixed the problem permanently. They created this security problem since the day they opened their business, and have been fully aware all along, meanwhile their security problem has only grown. We would expect that a cable company operator would take the full action to see to it, that their cable consumers private and confidential information (residential and commercial), employees and company as a whole, are secure as possible. This is something they have failed in. Knowing beforehand of opening their business that the security of their consumers would be in jeopardy, shows a disrespect for consumer security.

As the owner of the official website I have unwillingly received Staff Medical Insurance Information, Financial Information & Documents, Account Information, Consumers Identification Cards Scans, Legal Documents, Security & Privacy Agreements, Work Orders, Commercial & Residential Account Holder Information, Support Tickets, Passwords, Secure email, and much much more, with Consumers Information either to, from, or carbon copied; the following staff (as well as others not listed) at Atlantic Broadband Cable:

Richard J. Shea - President and Chief Executive Officer
Edward Holleran, Jr. - Previous CEO - Previous Vice President, Industry Relations
David Isenberg - CFO - President and Chief Revenue Officer
David J. Keefe - President and Chief Executive Officer
Almis J. Kuolas - Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Sam McGill - Vice President and General Manager, South Carolina and Maryland/Delaware
Denise Paine - Vice President and General Manager, Commercial Services
Thomas Roundtree - Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Debra Miller - Accounts Payable at Atlantic Broadband
David Mcbride - Atlantic Broadband Construction Coordinator
Edwin Zambrana - Atlantic Broadband Construction Coordinator
Chris Bubalo - Director of Commercial Sales at Atlantic Broadband
Tom Costa - Commercial Sales Director at Atlantic Broadband
Chuck English - Director Technical Operations
Natalie Kurchak - Marketing Manager
Jeremy McMasters - Director of Network Engineering
Jackey Voltz - H. R. Generalist at Atlantic Broadband
Ed Winklarek - Technical Operations Manager
Dale Albright - Atlantic Broadband Branch Manager

There are many more not included in this list.

*Note: If you contact the cable operator, or work for the cable operator, and ask if there is a security problem and you are informed there is currently not a serious problem, it is highly recommended you get their name, or employee number, as well as log the time and date of your discussion for your own personal records.


We have also voiced our concerns on the Atlantic Broadband page at the website which can be located here.
Together with consumers we strive to make the internet a better place.

We will keep you updated.